Boeuf Musqué
Plateforme tournante

The idea is simple : Slide, stick and jump to escape the world! Take all the white balls and jump to the exit.

  • Take control, & go as quickly as possible with an intuitive & fluid gameplay
  • Over 90 levels
  • Discover new features every chalenge
  • Addictive and hard : will you manage to finish all the challenges ?
  • Meet at the top of the ranking. Go faster than your friends & than the whole world !
  • Level format adapted to short games so you can play in all situations.
  • Old School's platformer difficulty !

Game made with Unity

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48h to make a game, alone

A game made for the Ludum Dare 35
Theme: Shapeshift
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Out of ≈1100 entries
Graphics #75
Theme #125
Mood #156
Audio #171
Overall #186
Innovation #546

You control a cockchafer larva. You have to eat carrots to gain strength and become a chrysalis, and then a cockchafer. But if you have no more forces, you become again a larva... Chrysalide is a 2D platformer where you must play with the metamorphoses. Between earth and sky, you must exceed the dangers!

Game made with Unity

Screenshot_01 Screenshot_02
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Dojo Madagascar La Cave
Pot de Singes

Advanced Prototype

Android project
In Pot de Singes, you control the bowl with your finger, and you must collect the monkey that fall.
Be careful of the rocks !

Project made with Côme Sonnet.
Participation of Boeuf Musqué as creator, developer, background designer, bowl designer, game designer, sound designer.

Made with Unity

Evolutives Backgrounds bol Madagascar

Other Works




Made with Maya
Control of the player in Unity


Bass drum made with Maya


Animation and music by Boeuf Musqué

Video and music by Boeuf Musqué


Your mind is very powerful!

You have only one key to emit the waves that spring from your mind. Interferes with the mechanisms: if a platform doesn't move, activate it with your waves, if a magnet attracts you, make it rejects you...
But you're not very precise: you send your waves in every direction, so be smart when many mechanisms are in your range.

Prototype created with Andrea Roncancio
Participation of Boeuf Musqué as Developper, Game Designer, Sound Designer and Background Designer
Game made with Unity


Boeuf Musqué

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After two years at the Art school of Caen, Boeuf Musqué wants to make video games. He learned to program in C, C++, Java and C# with lessons on internet. Wishing to strengthen his drawing, he studied during two years at Isart Digital in Paris, school specializing in animation for movies and video games. He develops Noir in parallel to his work of freelance graphics.